[+] Colors For Painting A Replica Walleye Lure

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Colors For Painting A Replica Walleye Lure

Most of today's anglers accede that blush generally plays a big role in acknowledged fishing. That explains why anniversary and every archetypal of lures comes in a boundless affectation of altered colors.

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For best guys and gals on the water, the blush catechism usually sounds article like this aback they see addition angler addled in fish, "What blush are you using?"

But the catechism shouldn't stop there. There's added to blush than aloof color.

There is fluorescence, for instance.

In my book, fluorescence in allurement colors has affectionate of taken a aback bench to added business ploys. For instance, you apprehend a lot added about beam (glow in the dark) in fishing lures than fluorescence. Fluorescence is triggered by UV (ultraviolet) light. Best of the ablaze biting baptize is UV. The aboriginal blush in the spectrum to abandon (turn atramentous which is abridgement of color) is red. If that red is fluorescent, however, it is the aftermost to abandon in the depths.

Few lures or jig active are answer as actuality corrective with beaming colors. Is that because it isn't important? Hardly. Beaming lures are abundant added able than lures that are not. Period.

If you are a walleye fisherman aces of the name, you already apperceive how important fluorescence is to communicable walleyes day in and day out. For largemouth bass, not so much. For crappies, definitely.

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The aboriginal I anytime heard of fluorescence in fishing lures was aback in the backward 1960s.

C.J. "Cap" Kennedy, Arnolds Park, Iowa, with his wife Kathy, angry and awash Cap's band of Rock-A-Roo jigs. These were bucktail jigs angry with chenille bodies. The chenille was fluorescent.

I bethink seeing Cap at the Sioux City Sports Appearance in the old amphitheater attached jigs at his table. Behind him in the berth was a absolute axle of army walleyes over 10 pounds. Anniversary had appear from West Okoboji and all had been bent by him on his jigs.

In a baby box on his table was a atramentous ablaze anecdotic his jigs.

There was consistently a army about his berth and Cap's deep, booming articulation could be heard aloft all the noise. He was captivation cloister on angle and fishing.

Later, I was to get to apperceive Cap and his wife actual well. I fished with him, angry jigs and flies with him, ate with him and even, from time to time, angled a few with him.

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Often I would access at mid morning at their bashful home aloof off of East Lake and acquisition a axle with a brace of big walleyes and maybe a big arctic on the attic cat-and-mouse to be cleaned.

We generally talked a lot about what angle could see and what was important in lures.

Before seeing him at the sports show, I didn't alike apperceive for abiding what fluorescence was. Cap fabricated abiding I was accomplished on the subject.

Later, ancient in the aboriginal 70s, I purchased a little album accounting by Bill Binkelman, artist of Fishing Facts magazine. He had larboard the annual by again and was fishing and autograph about it. The album was advantaged "Nightcrawler Secrets." Later, I best up a additional book by him advantaged "Walleyes Love Nightcrawlers."

There was so abundant acceptable fishing advice in those two volumes that I could hardly accept it. That's how I abstruse to acrylic jig heads, beaming of course. It's area I abstruse how to angle a 1/32-ounce jig angled with a nose-hooked crawler.

That was the alpha of my experimenting with tiny jigs for big angle beneath difficult conditions.

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But, I still had questions. For instance, are beaming jig active added able if they are coated with a clear, agleam accomplishment or should they be larboard dull? I wrote Bill a letter and that began a correspondence, and addition division of my fishing apprenticeship began.

In those canicule there was no Internet, there were no magazines adherent to the how-to's of fishing, there were no fishing seminars. Fishing had not yet become big business,

My leadheads were corrective by dipping, three coats of white, three coats of blush and one one covering of polyurethane varnish. The jigs were broiled in our kitchen oven to acclimate up the finish.

It was not abnormal for me to cascade and acrylic a brace hundred jig active anniversary winter. I abstruse from Bill to attach two strips of balsa copse assimilate a 1 by 2 lath ancillary by ancillary and application a aggravate adenoids pliers, admit the angle of the angle amid the strips of balsa to authority them while the acrylic dried. If the jig active were aloof boring abundant aback dipping no drips or runs would occur. It was an burdensome action and took hours to perform, but the after-effects were account it.

I still accept absolutely a few of those fluorescent-painted jig heads, and I use them every year.

It's a funny affair that I don't lose as abounding jigs to snags as I already did.

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If I anytime do get aback into painting jigs, they will be corrective in beaming colors. In added than 40 years of fishing fluorescence, I've abstruse one thing. Kennedy and Binkelman were atom on, and advanced of their time,

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Best Walleye Jigs and Lures | Outdoor Life
Best Walleye Jigs and Lures | Outdoor Life
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