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Color Of Interior Paint 1970 Gto

Q: Greg, I adore your accessories actual abundant and back I apprehend your commodity on �Long absent opportunities� and the one�s that got abroad it absolutely addled a ambit with me.When I was aloof a �kid� in 1974, I bought a acclimated car that was priced right. For $1000 I became the appreciative buyer of a 1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV 400 Judge with branch absorption bars, a Hurst 4 acceleration and alive cowl induction. With the gas and oil crisis in abounding swing, beef cars were on the outs and the car had been aching up previously. The fender and aperture aliment were done actual able-bodied (not a agglomeration of Bondo) but the aboriginal buyer had the ablaze abstraction to acrylic it a nice brownish gold, abolish all of the badges and put a VINYL top on it. It alone had 26,000 afar and the autogenous was aboriginal so it was a absolutely nice car. It was additionally a absolute sleeper! With the vinyl top and sans badges, best association anticipation it was a wannabe GTO but absolutely a Tempest with an add-on spoiler.� What fun I had back the 400 agent roared and the L50 x 15 tires started smoking!I absolutely didn�t accomplish any �performance� upgrades, they weren�t needed. I did put a candied set of Cragar five- batten auto and the above tires on it and I anticipation I�d done actual able-bodied for myself. A little over a year and a bisected later, back I awash it for $2200 to get money for a bottomward acquittal on a amateur abode for my new helpmate and I.Selling the GTO Judge Goat AND the wife in catechism were both bad decisions!Since there were beneath than 700 of the 4-speed GTO Judge Ram Air IV 400�s produced in 1970, I can brainstorm it would be account a bit added today. Can you acquaint me added about my �lost love� and what it could be account today?Thanks for the admirable articles! Regards, Gary W. Silvers, Washington.A: Gary, aboriginal acknowledgment abundant for your affectionate words and accomplished letter. I�m accepting lots of mail on my appeal for �The one�s that got away� from readers, but castigation abiding stands out for accessible reasons.That �little GTO� you bought for $1,000 in 1974 aloof happens to be one of the rarest GTOs anytime produced, acknowledgment to its Judge and Ram Air IV nomenclature. Today, a GTO like castigation repainted to aboriginal colors and antic the actual Judge stripes and Ram Air IV badges will back an accessible ... amuse authority on � boilerplate retail of $86,000 according to NADA Classic Car pricing. A low end amount for a GTO Judge not in abundant appearance is $47,000.As for a altogether restored, aboriginal 1970 GTO Judge Ram Air IV with the Hurst 4-speed, (hold assimilate your hat), we�re talking a aerial retail of $205,530. Yes � over $200,000 for a aboriginal Ram Air IV, 4-speed Judge.In summary, the abject aerial retail is $132,000 for a 1970 Judge. But the Ram Air IV 370-horse V-8 adds an actual 35-percent while the Hurst/Muncie 4-speed adds addition 15-percent to the abject consistent in the over $200K amount acknowledgment to the aberration of aloof 700 anytime built. Your car is conceivably the one Pontiac that can authority austere beneficiary car amount adjoin all those 429 Boss Mustangs, 426 Hemi Challengers and L-88 Corvettes.Thanks abundant for your letter, and bethink that aloof about anybody gave up on our beef cars from the high-performance era. Me? I traded my 1968 Camaro SS/RS L78 396/375 on a aboriginal 1973 Dodge auto with a camber six agent because I was affective in October of 1973.Today, my Camaro is bringing an accessible $50,000.

Greg Zyla writes account for Added Content Now, BestRide.com and added Gatehouse Media publications. He welcomes clairvoyant questions on old cars, auto homesickness and old-time motorsports at 116 Main St., Towanda, PA 18848 or at greg@gregzyla.com.

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