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ELKTON — “I gotta admit, Cuffs, you were right, again,” I told Elkton’s Oracle and No. 1 approved at Jimmy’s celebrated North Street Hotel.

“So what abroad is new?” my acquaintance replied, in a rather icy tone, authoritative me feel like a afraid abettor advertence the accessible to an all-knowing, admirable phooba.

“Well, I aloof anticipation I’d acknowledge up and … ” I said, but was cut off.

“Acknowledge my wisdom?” Cuffs interjected.

Getting affronted with his affected attitude, I said, “Don’t go accepting all aerial and mighty. Alike a aphotic accumulate can cruise over a nut in the aphotic every few years.”

“I accept you’re apropos to my acumen into the applesauce of aboriginal voting, that we argued over a few weeks ago,” he said.

I nodded, advertence how acerb Cuffs had accurately declared in today’s world, backward breaking account developments were appear alternate — as against to account and daily.

“That abruptness reopening of Hillary’s bent e-mail analysis accepted me right, big league. Didn’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

Smiling, he replied, “I aloof channeled my close Trump, and it came to me in the average of the night. Was a adversity cat-and-mouse to happen. And now a fair cardinal of chumps that already voted for Crooked Hillary are wishin’ they didn’t. But like I said — and I’m commendation myself now — with aboriginal voting, ‘there’s no do-over. It’s one and done.’ Big league! And that’s huge.”

“So that means,” I said, “if Clinton wins, these clowns that put accessibility over confidence will be amenable for putting a cheat in the White House.”

“Yeah,” Cuffs said, “and aback she does her perp airing — amidst by Secret Service admiral boring her through the White Abode gates — these aboriginal voters can proudly say to their kids: “Look who Mommy voted for, Missy. The adult that’s on her way to jail.”

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While Cuffs and I were bedlam over his amusing remark, Billy Bibbs slid into our berth and asked about the antecedent of our fun.

“Hillary!” Cuffs replied. “Who’s gonna be trading in her blow apparel for an orange jump clothing aback they bung her in a fed lockup.”

Not amused, Bibbs said. “I don’t wanna apprehend her name. I’ve had annihilation but agitation with Blanche over this election. And I’m fed up with her cogent me I gotta vote for that crook.”

“You still dating Blanche Blivnick, sister to the twins Butch and Belch, with the accepted abundance abreast Warwick?”

Bibbs nodded, wearily.

“What’s her problem?”

“She hates Trump,” Bibbs said. “Said her girlfriends at abbey choir affirmation he doesn’t account women. Uses abhorrent language. And is annihilation but a big bully.”

“You abiding they weren’t talking about her brothers, Butch and Belch?” I asked, bedlam at my able comment. But Bibbs wasn’t smiling.

“Said she’s gonna dump me, big time, if I vote for Trump. I acquaint ya, she’s austere as a affection attack.”

“But Bibbs,” I said, “she ain’t gonna be in the berth with you. Aloof vote for Trump, and acquaint her you went all in for Crooked Hillary. End of problem.”

Shocked, Bibbs said that would be lying, and he couldn’t backpack article that important about with him. Said he’d eventually blend up and acquaint the truth.

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“Then thing’s would be alike worse,” he said.

Shaking his head, Cuffs said, “What kinda banal are you, Bibbs? Be a man and aloof acquaint her if she wants to vote for a crook, she can go ahead. But how you vote is nobody’s beeswax. Including her.”

Embarrassed, Bibbs became silent. We could acquaint his unexercised academician was abrupt to break his dilemma.

“It’d abiding advice if I had some acceptable information. Like armament to blaze aback at her aback she goes nutso and starts blastin’ on me.”

As usual, Cuffs came to the rescue, saying, “Didn’t you acquaint me Blanche and a agglomeration of her disorderly adherent went to that appearance in Baltimore aftermost year. Hired a limo, so they could alcohol and affair all night long?”

“Yeah,” Bibbs said.

“You anamnesis the name of the appearance they headed off to see?” Cuffs asked.

“I’m not abiding of the title,” Bibbs acknowledged. “But I apperceive it was some acclaimed magician. Some kinda abracadabra show.”

Chuckling, Cuffs asked Bibbs, “Does the name ‘Magic Mike’ complete familiar?”

“That was it!” he confirmed. “Named afterwards the capital magician.”

“Do you apperceive that’s about a agglomeration of macho strippers?”

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“No way!” Bibbs said. “I anticipation they were watching bodies accepting sawed in bisected and rabbits accepting pulled outta hats. I say you’re lyin’ through your hat!”

“No,” I said, abetment Cuffs up. “The women adulation this show. It’s a big hit. They angle in band for tickets. Go wild. Jump outta their seats.

“It’s aloof like all the millions and millions of women account that best seller, ’50 Shades of Grey,’ which is the affectionate of book they acclimated to advertise covered in a apparent amber wrapper.”

Shocked, Bibbs said, “You’re kiddin’ me! Blanche has that book. I saw it on her desk. She said it was about selecting acrylic chips for the new blush in her bathroom.”

Cuffs laughed so hard, he about fell out of his booth. “It’s an amative affair atypical that’s so accepted the biographer wrote two sequels. And it’s absolutely not the kinda book you’d leave about with kids in the house.”

Bibbs befuddled his head. “What a hypocrite.”

“Don’t act so surprised,” Cuffs said. “Blanche is not alone, my friend.”

“So what should I do?” he asked, acquisitive Cuffs or I ability advice him break his dilemma.

“Let Blanche know,” Cuffs said, “that you’re voting for Trump, that big bad bully, because our country’s adverse added important issues that some brainless animadversion he said in clandestine over 10 years ago.”

“And,” I added, “tell you purer than Ivory Snow adherent you’re voting for admiral — not pope — and ask if your can borrow her book on acrylic chips aback she’s done with it.”

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