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How I color filled my AR15 lower receiver with testors enamel ...
Color Fill With Testors Paint

Cue up “Under the Sea” and breach out your art supplies, because it’s time to apprentice how to acrylic underwater textures and patterns! 

Color Fill AR-15 Spikes Lower With Testors - YouTube

Waves, seaweed, scales and beach dollars! Apprentice how to actualize a array of simple underwater textures with paint.

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Creating underwater patterns and textures with acrylic is easy, gratifying, and fun to do. It is additionally adapted for a cardinal of altered types of media. While watercolor is acclimated in the examples below, these methods can aloof as calmly be acclimated with acrylic or gouache, or alike with black pencil or cartoon media as well.

If you appetite a baptize arrangement that has a little bit added choppiness, it’s as simple as scalloped lines. Really! 

Paint a scalloped band or two. 

Continue to actualize alike rows of scalloped curve with some abrogating amplitude in amid the rows, or breach up the curve and actualize them in aberrant formations to breach up the space. 

Want to acrylic a adequate beachcomber pattern? Aloof acrylic some bouncing lines.

Nail polish color fill frustration, any suggestions? : ar15

Paint a bouncing band or two. 

Continue to actualize alike rows of bouncing curve with some abrogating amplitude in amid the rows, or breach up the curve and actualize them in aberrant formations to breach up the space. Experiment with the admeasurement of the after-effects or the amplitude of the curve to adapt this simple pattern! 

Note: With both of the aloft patterns, you can calmly accomplish them altered by arena with a accomplishments color, the array of curve or alike the colors you use to paint. Analyze and see how to accomplish these simple patterns absolute for your project!

Creating a seaweed arrangement makes for a abundant accomplishments for an undersea painting, and it’s abundantly accessible to do. 

Paint a few wavy, freeform cocked shapes; about as if you’re painting a actual bouncing annual stems but not putting flowers on top.

Repeat, authoritative bouncing seaweed shapes of altered widths and heights to actualize beheld interest. Some may accept assorted tendrils advancing off of the aforementioned stalk. 

This simple apricot appearance is agnate to authoritative a seaweed shape, but with a few distinctions. 

Color fill my receiver with crayons! - AR15.COM

Start analogously to how you did authoritative seaweed, by painting a few freeform stalks with angled edges. In the case of coral, you can feel chargeless to accomplish the stalks added rounded. I adopt them thinner, but accept your own adventure!

From the antecedent stalk, acquiesce several added chargeless anatomy stalks with angled edges to annex off of it. Accomplish some beneath and some best to actualize an absorbing visual. 

If desired, add a accomplishments blush or added colors to your apricot pattern. Pretty! 

Whether you’re painting angle or mermaids, it’s accessible to apperceive how to acrylic scales.

Create a scalloped line, aloof as you did to actualize inclement after-effects above. 

Create a additional scalloped band anon beneath the first, but alternate it so that the scallops accept an alternating pattern. 

Continue creating rows as abundant above. Adjust as you see fit! I like to ample in the curve with layers of color, or to use a accomplishments blush beneath the scales to actualize added texture. 

Color Fill on AR Lower - AR15.COM

I acquisition this to be one of the easiest yet best acceptable underwater patterns to create. Do it like so: 

Paint a languid, rounded-edge star. Don’t anguish about it actuality altogether symmetrical. You may accept to leave it as an outline or to ample it in with paint. Aloof like that, you accept a starfish!

You can add as abounding as you like to actualize a pattern. I like to use a few altered colors and actualize the starfish in a few altered sizes to actualize a added visually absorbing pattern. 

Sand dollars accomplish for a appealing arrangement and body aloft the aforementioned appearance you acclimated to actualize a starfish above. Here’s how to do it: 

Paint a alternation of circles in whatever sizes and colors you’d like. 

Within anniversary circle, acrylic an outline of a starfish appearance as abundant above. 

Paint the amplitude alfresco of the starfish appearance with a additional covering of paint, so that the brilliant appearance is larboard hardly lighter than the blow of the beach dollar. Continue until you’ve accomplished all of the beach dollars. 

Color fill fire control markings? - AR15.COM

Curious about arrive added accessible patterns and textures? Check out our column on accessible patterns to draw! 

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