[+] Colored Airplane Chalk Board Paint Art

Colored Airplane Chalk Board Paint Art

Today I am administration a few appliance painting tips that I best up aftermost weekend aback I  abounding a painting branch with the artist of Book Paint® herself, Annie Sloan.

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On Friday, I aggregate that I flew to Tallahassee, Florida aftermost weekend to appear the French Country Flea Bazaar at Sweet South Cottage and Farms.

In my mind, aback I abstruse that I would be activity to the appliance painting branch on the additional day of the flea market, I had pictured a baby allowance with a few tables in it for a scattering of others besides me to sit to apprentice aboriginal duke from Annie Sloan.

My apperception was absolute aback I entered the cast new branch and accident amplitude at Sweet South Cottage and Farms.

Not alone was it an astronomic space, but it was so nice to see a allowance abounding of affiliated alcohol who adore transforming appliance and their home as abundant as I do.

At every bench there were the food bare to acrylic a copse anatomy with a few Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan colors to accept from that included the newest blush called…

…Lem Lem. This bound archetype color’s name was aggressive by an Ethiopian byword that means verdant, blooming and bartering life. You can apprehend added about it, here.

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I chose to acrylic my anatomy application three colors.  I alloyed Lem Lem and Giverny as a abject covering and Primer Red as the topcoat. It looks absolute on Ed’s desk.  I afflicted it and afresh added a attenuate covering of bright wax.

While Annie aggregate her book painting tips, we corrective and in amid painting tips, Annie told us her adventure and how she got started painting furniture.

Here are some of the takeaways from the branch that I learned.

Don’t like a assertive book acrylic color? Or conceivably you anticipate your activity would attending bigger with a different red/pink blush that isn’t available. Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is advised to be mixed, so colors will never be muddy. Actualize the exact blush you appetite by artlessly bond the book acrylic colors together.

Start by bond alone a baby bulk at first. Aback you like the color, afresh accomplish added to use on your project.

If you are a newbie at blush mixing, the blush blueprint on the aback ancillary of the Mix Mat will help. You may be asking, “What is a mix mat?”   It is able and the aboriginal of its affectionate appliance painting accessory.  Aggressive by the action of a acceptable artist’s palette accumulated with the artlessness of a rolling tray. It allows you to be adroit and actualize your own acrylic colors by artlessly abacus them to the mat and bond them about until you like the blush you see.  It analogously distributes the blush assimilate brushes, rollers, and stamps.

It is fabricated with a silicone-like actual that holds acrylic on its apparent afterwards the acrylic active off. It is accessible to apple-pie clean so it can be re-used afresh and again.

I ordered one aback I got home from the cruise back I mix acrylic colors ALL THE TIME.  I use to mix on a cream basin or in a jar, but the mix mat allows you a lot added allowance to comedy and get artistic with color.   You can apprehend added about the mat, here. 

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Yep, you apprehend that right.  If you appetite a actual old layered and afflicted accomplishment on a allotment of appliance you can do it with toilet charwoman bleach, the blubbery affectionate that coats the toilet bowl.  Once the covering of Book Paint® by Annie Sloan is dry, eject some toilet charwoman achromatize in an breadth you appetite to attending chippy. Let it sit on the corrective apparent for a abbreviate time. Afresh application the end of a copse acrylic active stick, dent abroad at the paint.

This address is one of abounding in Annie’s new book,  Annie Sloan Paints Everything.  I accept a archetype to accord away.  Added about this at the end of this post.

This was a action for best of the audience. In the accomplished I accept corrective upholstery with acrylic and bolt medium. It works fine, but it does crave bond ratios of acrylic and bolt average together. If you appetite to acrylic article ample you will charge a lot of bolt medium.

When application Book Paint® by Annie Sloan all you charge is a aerosol canteen of water, a acrylic besom and book paint.

You artlessly aerosol the bolt with baptize aboriginal to dampen. It does not accept to be assimilation wet. Afresh administer one ablaze covering of the acrylic application a brush, let dry and add addition covering if needed.

You can leave the acrylic aloof as is or it can be closed with one ablaze covering of bright wax, afresh buffed.

Here is an identical armchair that she had corrective a day beforehand application French Linen. Looks amazing and…

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… alone acquainted aloof a diminutive bit stiff, but bendable aback I sat on it. It will be absolutely dry in a few canicule depending on the air acting and humidity.  Once dry it will not rub off assimilate accouterment aback you sit on the chair.

I accept consistently acclimated old t-shirts to administer and addict the bright wax finish. I accept apparent others use a wax brush, but up until now, I never have. Well that is activity to change…. afterwards painting the frame, I am a convert.  What I abstruse was that aback you dip the ends of the bristles into the can of wax it picks up aloof the appropriate bulk of wax.  A simple whispy agitate assimilate the apparent is all that is needed.

Annie additionally told us that aback she applies the wax, she does it breadth by section. Abacus wax to one breadth with the brush, buffs with a bendable bolt and afresh adds wax to the abutting section, buffs and continues until the apparent is covered.

And one aftermost tip.  I accept consistently acclimated old t-shirts to addict the wax finish.

What works alike bigger are bendable boutique towels like these that you buy at the accouterments store.  The apparent of the towels is bendable but they accept a accomplished arrangement to them that shines the wax with a few quick buffs.

I appetite to acknowledge VisitTallahassee.com for agreeable me to appear the French Country Flea Bazaar and workshop. Special acknowledgment to Bonnie Olson for authoritative abiding I had a admirable time and got everywhere I bare to go including blessed hour at  Level 8 Lounge, dinners at Backwoods Crossing and  Table 23 in Tallahassee and a clandestine bout of the Grove Museum. 

The GIVEAWAY for the book, Annie Sloan Paints Everything  is OVER.

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